Finberry Primary School was inspected by Ofsted in September 2018 and was judged to be Good.

We received an ungraded (section 8) inspection of a good school in January 2024.

Please read the reports below.

Here are some quotes from our most recent visit from Ofsted:

“Pupils become confident and independent learners at this aspirational school.”

“They behave well and show great kindness to one another.”

“Pupils work hard to embrace the school ’s values such as perseverance, respect, opportunity unity and diversity. Pupils show this through their high levels of concentration, excellent conduct and mature discussions of sensitive issues.”

Pupils enjoy coming to school and know that staff work hard to keep them safe.”

Pupils enjoy learning. They listen attentively in lessons and share their ideas confidently with their peers.”

Classrooms are purposeful environments and all pupils including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) work hard to produce high quality work.”

“The school has carefully embedded a broad and well-designed curriculum. This begins in Nursery Year and is carefully sequenced to help pupils build the skills and knowledge that they need to prepare them for their next prepare them for their next steps.”

“In Reception Year staff use their knowledge of pupils to plan engaging activities that are matched accurately to pupils needs.”

“Teachers are well trained and have strong subject knowledge. They explain learning clearly and plan exciting activities that support pupils in developing their skills and knowledge in small steps.”

“Disadvantaged pupils including those with SEND are well supported.”

“Teachers plan a range of well-considered adaptations and activities to enable pupils with SEND to learn alongside their peers.”

“In Reception all staff use high quality questioning and communication to guide pupils skilfully and ensure that they meet challenging personal milestones.”

“Pupils including those with SEND achieve well.”

Pupils have positive attitudes to learning. They concentrate well and respond quickly to the well-established routines in classes.”

“Pupils are considerate and caring.”

“Pupils have opportunities to develop a range of skills and talents through school clubs and activities.”