The  Stour Academy Trust prides itself on delivering an exciting and engaging curriculum… but we want to go further!
Our pledge to you is from the time your child starts their primary school education to the time they leave, we will take every child beyond the usual school experience to deliver a range of unforgettable events that “Bring Learning to Life.”

Throughout their primary school education, at no cost to parents, your child will participate in all of the following:

Bake a cake

Build a den

Enjoy an event at a national stadium

Fly a kite

Hands on farming experience

Hold a scary beast


Plant, grow and eat their own food.

Play in the snow (weather permitting)

Perform in a concert

Pond dipping

Raise money for charity

Star gazing

Take an active role in supporting and improving the local community

Taste food from other cultures

Watch a live theatre production

Weekend camping and activities (find out more below)

Year 4 Camping Weekend

All Year 4 children are given the opportunity to fulfil our weekend camping and activities pledge.

The weekend camping takes place on the grounds of Sturry CE Primary School in Canterbury, where children camp on the school field in tents and take part in a variety of fun activities and experiences!

Take a look at the video below to find out what our Year 4’s got up to this year:

Here are some comments from the children about their weekend:

My favourite part was the laser tag because we got to have fun with new friends. Archery gave us time to do target practice.

My favourite thing was spending time with my friends and meeting new people. 

The best thing was the laser tag because we got to have an adventure in the woods. I shared a tent with my friends and got to know new people. 

My favourite thing about camping was when we played laser tag. I enjoyed meeting the instructor who had been in the army. 

My favourite part was the laser tag because we had time to make new friends. I also enjoyed the nightline because we had to trust our partners. 

I loved who I shared a tent with. I also really enjoyed laser tag and the inflatables. 

I was a little nervous before I came but when I got to school, I enjoyed every part of the camping trip. I enjoyed meeting brand new friends. 

My favourite thing was making new friends and I really enjoyed the Adventure Trail. I had a great time sleeping in a tent even though my tent was the noisiest! 

I loved it when we got to stay up until 9:30 watching movies and roasting smores. My favourite activity was laser tag in the woods! 

The best bit about the camping was the den building because I learned more about how to stay safe in the woods. 

The best things were laser tag and the bouncy castles! 
The best bits were laser tag and archery! I felt very adventurous. 

My favourite activity was the inflatables.