Thousand Hours

A big thank you to Charlotte, Karen and Jules who came to our assembly to introduce the initiative "Thousand Hours" by Ashford Vineyard!

This initiative began in Ashford in October 2016 which was a pledge of a thousand hours of their time in bringing life to Ashford. Whether through personal volunteering in their own neighbourhoods- picking up litter, baking cakes for neighbours or collectively by putting on community events throughout the month, they wanted to make an impact on the town that they love by spreading acts of kindness, and bringing life in any way that they could.

In assembly the children have been given a "Log your hours" card to record their acts of kindness at home or school and then once the card is full they can post this in the Thousand Hour post box in the main hall.

Only 12 schools have been chosen to do this in Ashford and it is a competition to see which school has the most acts of kindness!

We look forward to you supporting your children in these acts of kindness.

Please visit the following website for more information,