Creative Curriculum

The Stour Academy Trust follows a thematic creative curriculum as a way of achieving the outcomes set by the national curriculum for Art and Design, History, Geography, Music, Design and Technology, English, Mathematics and Science.

Explosive experiences await for all - from the the very big to the very small.

This is a curriculum designed to grip children's fascinations from the very start.

A curriculum which extends beyond the classroom and into the world around them

A curriculum which enables children to understand who they are and the world in which they inhabit.

A curriculum, which ultimately, gets children desperate to learn and prepared for the future that awaits them.

Within carefully selected topics, children make meaningful links between art, music, history, geography, design technology, English, mathematics and science. They are helped to understand how these subjects bring a deeper understanding to their lives, other people and the world. We become the explorers, artists, writers, inventors and scientists. Through further experiences, children dive deeper into their understanding whilst developing new skills for a range of purposes. 

Writing, reading and mathematics are applied to theses lessons, enabling  children to master skills meaningfully. In turn, the foundation subjects enhance the learning of English, mathematics and science. 

Each term, the school will have an over-arching theme of learning. You can view the long term plan for this academic year below: 

Click the link below to find out more about the national curriculum for Art and Design, History, Geography, Music and Design and Technology.