School Meals

Take a look at our summer school dinner menu here.

You can see our alternative menus below:

Gluten Free | Milk Free | Vegan | Dairy Free | Egg Free

The menus are rotated on a three week basis and there is a good choice each day. Your child can have a school meal one day a week or every day – the choice is yours and very flexible.  From Year 3 onwards, school meals cost £2.05 daily (£10.25 per week) for each child and can be paid via the school office or Class Teacher. 

Where possible payment is requested on a Monday and that payments are sent in using our pre-paid envelopes.

You may be entitled to a Free School Meals allowance for your child/children.  Please ask at the School Office for a form to complete and will key it for you.

If you would like your child to start having school dinners please call into the School Office to arrange.

School meals are a great choice, but if you do make a packed lunch for your child then get hints and tips on what their lunchbox should contain as well as lots of easy-to-prepare ideas your children will love from the website below.