Term Date Consultation

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Consultation on changes to term dates for the academic year, September 2017 to August 2018 onwards.

We are proposing changes to the term dates from September 2017.

Firstly, the number of days that children attend does not change.

So what are we proposing?

A two week half term break in October in place of the existing one week.  This will be achieved by taking a few days from the long summer break and a few days from the Easter break.

Why are we proposing these changes?

  • Provide parents with the opportunity to take advantage of cheaper holidays outside the standard term time dates
  • Bring the schools in line with the majority of secondary schools in the area who are increasingly changing to a two week break in October. This will support childcare arrangements for parents with children in both the primary and secondary school sector.

NB: the number of staff development days remains unchanged.

We would very much like you views on this proposal.  You can let us know your thoughts by completing the short survey below:


You can view the proposed term dates by clicking the link below:

Proposed Term Dates

Alternatively, you can email the school office or send in comments in paper form.

The consultation will end 31 December 2016.

Yours sincerely,

S J O’Keefe
Chief Executive Officer
The Stour Academy Trust