Online Safety

Internet safety is always high on the agenda at Finberry Primary School. We have extensive security measures in place, which are constantly monitored both internally and externally, to prevent our pupils from coming into any potential danger or accessing unsuitable material.

Lessons are taught from Year 1 upward explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe when using the internet and working with technology. Click here to see an overview of the Online Safety coverage that we teach in our computing curriculum and click here to see our Online Safety policy. 

Latest advice:

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Innappropriate use of Social Network Sites

What can parents/carers do to help children keep safe online?

Your help is still needed to prevent children accessing inappropriate material at home by way of filters and parental controls. Watch for Warning Signs Concerning Your Child's Online Activity.Look below at our extensive list of links and rescources for Parents/Carers, Teachers and Young People.

National Agencies and where to report a problem

Think U KnowCEOPChildnetCBBC

Links for Parents/Carers

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