School Council

Our School Council work very hard to:

  1. Find things children in our school want to change
  2. Come up with ways to make them better
  3. Evaluate what works!

We meet at least every 2 weeks, in the afternoon, with Mrs Risley.

School council members are elected by the pupils at the beginning of Term 1 and they attend each meeting. They also ask their class for their opinions and ideas and feedback at the meeting so they are the 'voice' of their class.

Term 4

The school council met in term 4 to discuss the ideas that had been recorded by children in their school council book, from meetings and discussions that they had with their peers. 

The children decided that they would like to develop an outside reading area on the playground. They discussed what would be required to develop the reading area and the children gathered ideas from their peers. 

The following children are the School Council representatives this year:

Reception- Gabriella and Dylan

Year 1- Lawk and Teresa

Year 2- Giada and Zachary

Year 3- Malik and Maisie.