Breakfast Club

Breakfast club runs from 7:30am - 8:30am at the cost of £2.50 per child. Children are offered a wide range of breakfast meals and use the space in the main hall to play games and spend time with their classmates.

A fun start to the day at Finberry Breakfast club!

We offer a range of breakfast foods and drinks including:

  • Toast with either butter, jam, honey or marmite.
  • Cereals including cheerios, shreddies, rice crispies or cornflakes.
  • Low fat fruit yoghurts.
  • Fresh/tinned fruit.
  • Apple/orange juice.
  • Semi-skimed milk or water.

We offer a range of activities including:

Lego, Group / Quiet reading, Colouring / drawing, Role play, Games, Puzzles.